Where's all the old stuff?
Many of the applications on this site were developed between 2001 and 2008, which is to say the material was a little out dated. Applications written for Pocket PC 2000 and 2002 devices are probably not as needed today, nor is a wrapper library for the Facebook API 1.0. Some applications for Windows were begun and either released privately or never got the finishing touches they needed prior to release. Old beta versions of Pocket Lookup will not be distributed because of infrastructure limitations.

The below releases made it to the Internet and, on the off-chance someone is running old Pocket PC hardware or wants to learn from an old Facebook API wrapper, will remain posted here in the archive. These projects are not being actively supported or updated. My apologies to those who were directed here by O'Reilly Media's Facebook Cookbook, published in 2008 by Jay Goldman, as the code here does not work with the current Facebook Graph API and will not be updated to support it.

Word Commands: VB.Net Facebook REST Client
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